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RATNIK the movie


A brazen special trooper, Sarah Bello, returns from the war front observing the quarterly troop rotation program where she fights for the nation alongside the Sino-Russian Alliance.  News of the war rapidly turning nuclear is disheartening, especially with the spread of a bio-hazard virus eating people alive and turning them to zombies. Sarah is heart-broken when she arrives home, finding a once loving and adorable sister turned into a junky, and now at a high risk of becoming a zombie.


Confused on what to do, Sarah runs into an old friend; Koko, who speaks of an antidote to douse  the effect of the serum. But the person in procession of this serum is a ruthless homicidal maniac, who hunts and harvests little babies brains’ for recipes to formulate a cure to a disease he helps create. His name is Kemical Ali.

In the quest to obtain this antidote, Sarah and Koko’s path soon cross with that of Kemical Ali and his gang. The result is fatal leading to the death of Koko and a near death experience for Sarah, but for the timely intervention of a  Russian jet which crash lands into the vicinity.


After the settling dust, Sarah discovers an odd-looking box among the wreckage and then takes it home. Unknown to her, this is a top-secret, highly sought after Russian gear of war. Sarah accidentally triggers the box’s Artificial Intelligence radar which mistakes her for a host to the advanced military suit contained within it. This is how Ratnik is initiated, and Sarah’s first mission is to avenge Koko.


Under the cloak of night, Captain West of the NATO alliance, “which is responsible for shooting down the jet”, risks everything to come behind enemy lines to claim its most prized cargo - the Ratnik box. Disappointed for not finding it, he discards all rules of engagement and decides to hunts down and retrieves the Box.


Armed with this advanced war machine, Sarah finds herself entangled in a web of conflict with the gang members, Captain West and a third generation bipedal terminator bot operated by Kemical Ali.  She eventually makes it to the life- saving vaccine and saves her sister. However, all her escapades come at a prize; her secret location been unveiled and Ratnik discovered by a much stronger adversary. Unbeknown to her yet, Ratnik’s mission is about to get a whole lot bigger.